Holly-Days Savings
We'd like to tell you about our special savings account designed to help you set aside funds for your holiday entertaining and gift giving each year. We call it our Holly-Days Savings Club.

The Holly-Days Savings Club account is designed so you can make small regular deposits into your account throughout the entire year, and then collect the funds when the account matures in October just in time to plan for Holiday spending. You can open your Holly-Days account now with as little as $10.00. Plus, here are some great additional services available to you.

First, you can arrange to have your monthly contributions to your Holly-Days Savings Club account taken directly from your other savings or checking account with The Baraboo National Bank. You simply decide how much you'd like to save on a monthly basis and authorize us to pull those funds and credit them to your Holly-Days account for you. (Minimum of $20.00) You don't need to remind yourself to save, and the balance of your Holly-Days Savings account grows at a much more consistent rate. Of course you can always add more at any time you'd like!

The second service that we encourage is our free auto-deposit of your annual Holly-Days Savings Club check. Auto-deposit provides for payment of your account balance (principal plus interest) at the end of the account cycle, directly into another checking or savings account with The Baraboo National Bank. The advantages of auto-deposit are twofold: You don't need to wait for the check to be mailed to you at the end of the account period. No more extra trips to the bank to cash your check and funds are immediately available in your account on the date that we cut the checks.

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