The Baraboo National Bank Trust and Investment Group, unlike other investment brokers, is driven by the client's needs, and not by a selected set of investment products. This is what allows our clients to have the choice to either customize their own portfolio, or put their portfolio in the hands of our knowledgeable and professional staff, providing worry-free investment alternatives that can be tailored to your every need.

Since 1857 The Baraboo National Bank has helped people manage their money. This encompasses a full spectrum of services from simple banking to the highly sophisticated strategies of investment and trust management. The values that helped found The Baraboo National Bank in its beginning are still upheld today by the professionals in the investment and trust area.

Our clients are private investors, individuals, and families seeking professional money management services. To assist our clients in attaining their goals, The Baraboo National Bank incorporates a variety of services including asset allocation, tax management, and quantifiable investment analysis. This, coupled with the latest technology, including Internet account reviews and complete Internet banking services help us serve our clients in the 21st century.

Trust services are often a team effort. The Trust and Investment Group works cooperatively with the client's other professional advisors, such as attorneys, accountants, and insurance agents to ensure that our services are integrated with your entire financial picture. When everything comes together, the result is a personalized investment portfolio to meet your financial needs. Our staff is eager to assist you no matter how simple or sophisticated your money management needs may be!

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